A few years ago I had the idea to go to each place in the song “I’ve Been Everywhere.” The song lists 92 places scattered all over the Western Hemisphere, reaching from Alaska all the way down to Argentina.

What? You don’t know the song?! Let me sing it for you:

Upon mapping out all of the locations, I realized that I had a monumental task ahead of me. Initial estimations put the total distance around 40,000 miles and the time commitment around 9 months. Despite years of planning, I still felt hopelessly unprepared upon my June 6th departure.

(50,000 miles and 12 months is now the more realistic estimation.)

My goal for this blog is to tell the story of my adventure in an entertaining, honest and thorough manner. There are two main reasons motivating me to do so: First, I want to share this experience with others. So many people are participants in this story. Secondly, this blog will serve as sort of a personal journal for myself. As my memories of the coming months fade, what I’ve written here will become the bulk of my recollections. Though this blog takes a ton of time, I feel it is well worth it.

Some useful links for you:


North America locations

South America locations

Current Location (Live Tracking page)


Informational Posts:

The What

Gives a more thorough explanation about what the trip is. It contains multiple versions of the song, explanations of how each place was chosen and other general information. This is also the first post on the blog. If you are interested in reading everything in chronological order, start here (and may God have mercy on your soul). 🙂

The Why

Why am I doing this trip? A tough question to answer. I try my best!

The How

How do I intend to complete this trip? How can I afford to do such a trip?

Cast of Characters

“Who is this Annie that he keeps talking about?” This page introduces each of the characters in this story, both animate and inanimate.

I guess I’ll stop there. Thanks for visiting my About page!


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