Sonic’s Story

A brief summary of the most ridiculous of hood ornaments.

I’ve had quite a few questions about Sonic already, so I figured he deserved his own post. I’ll be brief here, but I made a more step-by-step post here.

I’ve always liked Sonic. When the idea for this project struck me over a year ago, I knew I had to do it.

Sonic is comprised of simple things: Some plate metal, paper and glue, a bearing from my childhood roller blades, some epoxy putty and various nuts, bolts and washers.

The first iteration of Sonic was completed about a month and a half ago. This version was mounted onto my front fender.

Not the greatest idea. He hung on for about 200 miles, but ended up snapping off near 9th and South street. Traffic was not kind to him.

I abandoned the project to focus on preparation for the trip, but decided to try again the day before my departure. It was a terrible use of my time, but I can’t say I regret it. 🙂

I constructed a new mounting bracket which is really solid, made sonic some new legs and straightened out his torso.

Now he leads on bravely once more.

I guess now I need to update the banner for my website. The profile just looks incomplete without him.

Trip news: I’m still chilling in Norquay, Saskatchewan. I have had a wonderful time with family and it still doesn’t feel like the trip has truly commenced. Tomorrow we head west to Banff, where freezing temperatures are forecast. Yipeeee!

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4 thoughts on “Sonic’s Story”

    1. Ha! I can’t believe you still remember Freckles. He has been with me in every dorm room, house and even vehicle that I’ve stayed in since I was a kid. He didn’t quite make the cut for this trip. A side car, you say? Hmmm….. 🙂


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