The Mystery is Solved!

We now know who posted the Wausa Dala Horse in the signpost forest at Watson Lake, Yukon: Don and Marilyn Hult.


I didn’t think this would remain a mystery for long. It was only a couple of days after I posted that Don and Marilyn’s daughter, Carol, contacted me through the blog. She said that her parents had made many trips up to Alaska after she moved to Kodiak island in 1980.

Don’s 85th:

Don and Marilyn were very close friends with my grandparents, Del and Ruth Anderson. They were all members of the Methodist church and sang in the choir. They loved boating and spent many days together at Lewis and Clark Lake (Don actually built wooden boats called “Hultcraft” boats). Marilyn worked for many years in Del’s grocery store. There is even a connection through marriage that occurred between Del’s father and Marilyn’s mother after they had both lost their spouses. Our families are really intertwined.

At Watson Lake in 1987:

Don and Marilyn loved the Alaska Highway. They would camp along the way and stop at all of the unique attractions. The horse sign was put up in 1998, a year when they made the trip with along with a van full of grandkids (and you think my trip is crazy).

A collage of the trip:

I really hope there is a “window” in heaven, a place where those who have passed away can survey current earthly happenings. If there is, Don and Marilyn got to see what joy and amazement this silly little horse posted up in the middle of nowhere gave to me. That particular day was one of the most difficult of my travels (it was the one with snow flurries) and seeing this sign made me feel the warmth of home, despite being thousands of miles away.

A huge thanks goes to Carol Hult for the pictures, stories and also the kind invitation to visit her on Kodiak Island. So goes our standard travel saying in the Anderson family: “Next trip.” Also, thanks Mom for helping me get all of the connections straight. I hope I got them all correct.

I absolutely love this story. 🙂


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10 thoughts on “The Mystery is Solved!”

  1. We are wiping our eyes with tears of thankfulness for having known Don and Marilyn and joy over this special experience for all of us!


    1. Betty and Randel, you never know what lies down the road! Thank you so much, Betty, for letting me know about Brett’s trip. And your own travels too! I told Brett there’s no expiration date on my invitation, and now I know your family saying – Next trip!


  2. Brett, tears here! I too absolutely love this story. Thanks so much for living it and sharing it. Dad would be pleased you included mention of HultCraft boats! Mom would be happy to see her photos here! (she was a scrapbook and photo collage champion). I think both heaven and earth have many windows. Sometimes we get a glimpse.


    1. Wow. Well said. Those wooden boats were beautiful. I’ve seen some good pictures. You can tell they were made with a lot of love and care. Thanks again for all of your help with this story. It is just as much yours as it is mine!


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