Drone Shots! Get ya drone shots here!

In 1994 I got my brand new Joe Montana #19 Chiefs jersey and wore it to school for the first time. I was the epitome of cool. Since that day, I’ve never looked that awesome again…..until maybe now.


This footage was taken while I was hanging out in Norquay, Saskatchewan. My cousin, John Erik, is a really neat guy. He has a wide array of interests (like me) and seems to excel at all of them (I got a participation ribbon once). He rides a KLR650 and has considered joining me at some point in my trip. I really hope that can happen.

He is the proud owner of a really nice drone which can shoot footage in 4k resolution (I only uploaded at 1080p 😦 ). On June 10th we went out and caused some ruckus in the Saskatchewan countryside. I’ve been waiting for a spell of quality internet to get it posted and finally finished editing it today. First, the highlights (accompanied by a Dvorak string quartet):

What do you think? Cooler than a Joe Montana jersey? πŸ™‚

One of my favorite things about this day, is the tangible reminder that I still carry with me:

Above is a picture of some Saskatchewan prairie that has been lodged in my kickstand for over 6,000 miles. I would clean it out, but I’m really curious to see how long it will hang on!

The footage turned out great. It was a windy day, so John Erik had some tough flying. He did an awesome job, not just keeping me in frame but doing it artistically as well. You can see more of his artistic side on his Instagram:Β @generik.

Thanks also goes to my brother in law, Brad, who helped me with both the technical and artistic side of the compilation. I hope it didn’t make him feel like he was at work. πŸ™‚

I’ll also post the uncut footage below:

A few updates:

A big thanks to my hometown newspaper, the Norfolk Daily News. My story was featured on the front page of the living section on Saturday. The article was very well written and I was asked some thought provoking questions. I feel very honored to have my story told!Β (Online version here)

Tomorrow I add another digit to my age and get back on the road. I have a tire waiting for me in Blaine, Washington, just over the border. It will be really sad to leave Vancouver, but the adventure must continue.

Go Chiefs!


Author: BA


18 thoughts on “Drone Shots! Get ya drone shots here!”

  1. Happy belated birthday! Really good article in the hometown paper. Hope the new wheel bearing holds. Get a spare before you head back into the wilderness.


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