Live Tracking is Live!

No more wondering where I am!


Click here to check it out!

My sister Elise and her husband Brad got me this little device called a SPOT tracker before I departed on my journey.

It is a neat little gadget that connects to GPS. It can be used to track or send distress signals. (No, I didn’t have it in the tent with me on bear night.) I have it set to ping my location every 10 minutes. It usually stays inconspicuously mounted on the top side of Annie’s frunk.

I don’t love the way the company maps out the locations, but it is serviceable. My most recent location is the highest numbered node. I would like to be able to have a map of my full route. That may happen at some point.

I figured that now would be a good time to share this as I head to the most remote location on my list: Ombabika, ON. (My blog is usually 4-6 days behind my current progress.) I won’t have any sort of connection to the outside world for a couple days, but at least my location will be visible.

The link to the map is now accessible at both the top menu and the sidebar. Let me know if you experience any issues. Have a great day, everybody!


Author: BA


9 thoughts on “Live Tracking is Live!”

  1. Mayyybe you should keep that little gem inside the tent with you at night… in fact, that is a new condition of the gift! 🙂 Also, Brad is currently working on your map with all of the trackers on it! 😀
    – Sister


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