Let’s Get Social!

Just please don’t call me the M-word.


I don’t know if I am really a “Millennial.” I went to college without a cell phone in my pocket. Furthermore, there has been a distinct lack of pictures of the food that I am eating on this blog. Doesn’t a true Millennial document their every bite?

Besides my general reluctance to become a social media junkie, I have also struggled with the question of whether or not I should promote this story. Would it turn my trip into more of an ego-trip? Hard to say, but we will soon find out.

I’ve spent the morning working on a number of social media platforms. It’s hard to define what exactly my purpose is for this. I guess I want to make it easier for others to connect to this story, giving multiple outlets to do so. I think I can accomplish this without a large time commitment, but time will tell.

So here’s what’s new:


Facebook Page

I now have a facebook page dedicated to the trip LINK HERE. This page is meant to be sort of a one stop shop for everything. I’m hoping to have my blog posts, tweets and Instagram photos show up automatically on the feed. I think I have it set up correctly. I’ll know after this post. 🙂

I will be sending out invites to my friends to like the page. Sorry to bombard you.



I actually started this awhile back. LINK HERE  I began by being way behind and have only just caught up today. Instagram has a great mobile platform, so I may even begin using it to embed photos on my blog posts. We’ll see. Also, being active on this app is probably my only chance of leveraging the exposure from this trip into a modeling career.



Yes, I finally have one. LINK HERE   I’ve long resisted its lure, but now seems as good a time as any to jump in. My biggest problem will be confining the length of my posts to the 140 character limit. My first tweet:


I want my Twitter account to be more of a live play-by-play version of the trip. I love writing the blog, but it usually lags at least 4-5 days behind. Twitter should allow me to update more briefly and more consistently.


You will also notice some new buttons that link to these pages. They look like this:

On a computer they will be on the right side of your screen. On a phone they are at the bottom.


Please note that I am really a social media novice, so there may be some “clunkiness” as I get going. I would love any advice that more experienced social media-ites might have. As always, I’m learning.


Real-time update: I keep finding more and more things to do while I’m home. I really thought I would be on the road on Monday, but now it’s Wednesday and I’m still not sure that I’m ready to depart. It has been really relaxing to be home. I’ve missed normal life!


Author: BA


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Social!”

  1. I’m impressed! And unfortunately no help when it comes to social media 🙂 But I’m thinking you’ll be the first person I follow on Instagram! (… is “follow” the right terminology?…) Love you! – Your social-in-real-life Sister


  2. Don’t be afraid of the M-word. As any generation label, stereotypes abound. I adhere and fit may categories of a millennial, but not all. You my friend are an adventerous, practical-results driven, frugal, and authentic millennial. There I said it. 🙂


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