The Third State of the Trip Address

I decided to wear a tire instead of a tie this time :-). This sweeping oratory summarizes our happenings during the Latin American chapter of our journey. Don’t worry, there’s less screaming this time.


I didn’t take time to type up a whole transcript this time. I’ll post some numbers below and a map of what is next.


Comparison of the first two chapters versus this one:

The totals for the trip so far:

Approximate map of the places that are left:

also…this version from my sign:

Thanks for watching!


Author: BA


15 thoughts on “The Third State of the Trip Address”

      1. It’s definitely a little different traveling with someone else on the bike. Maybe I can convince her to do a guest post for me. If we can just get some good weather, we’ll really be enjoying ourselves.


  1. Very well said. I was in Monterrey, MX back in Dec. 2017 when you were there with your family. I thought about reaching out to see if our paths could cross so I could shake your hand and say hello. I didn’t want to bother you so I didn’t make the effort, regretfully, but have enjoyed your journey before and since. All the best on your remaining journey, on two wheels and beyond.


    1. Thanks so much! I know we were fairly close during those days. I’d love to do that ride again sometime. Mexico is one of my favorites. Thanks for all of your support, both here and over on ADV!


  2. Well done, son!! I am so thankful also for the time we have had together these last months. You are a huge blessing to me! And I am excited to be a part of Chapter Four! Let’s hit the road!! Mom


  3. Smiled through the whole video! And a good laugh at your “a tire” joke 😄 So proud of you and so excited for you! -B&E


  4. Bret, you’re such an awesome guy! What a story you will have, to look back on! WOW!! The experiences you’ve had, & have yet to experience!! May God richly bless you in the rest of your travels, as He has,up to this point & time as well! Anxious to hear about your travels with your mom! She’s such a awesomely sweet person as well! Love her bunches! Looking forward to both your blogs in the near future! God Blesd!


    1. Thanks so much. Yeah, it’s crazy even now to look back on all that has happened. God has been so good to me. It’s great having Mom along now!


  5. Great to hear your State of the Trip report, Brett! I’m catching up here after some travels of my own, and I’m tickled that your mom joined the adventure firsthand. She and your dad have always been part of all of your journey but it’s fitting to get on and ride, rain or shine. Who knows what the next 10,000 miles will bring!


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