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This post is written by the darling of this quality publication, my incomparable Mother. She shares some wonderful reflections of our time together.


After visiting Mexico, my Dad wrote a post called Papa’s Perspective about our time together. Similarly, I asked my Mom to sum up her experience of joining me on the loop through Iowa. I will splice in a few clips of dash cam footage that we got from Dale in Davenport. Thanks for sharing these.

The rest of the words are Moms. Take it away!


Riding with Brett on the motorcycle was thoroughly enjoyable for me! I loved experiencing each place we visited. The hospitality of our hosts was over the top. Thank you to Brett, Ali, Del, Marilyn, Norma, Marlon, Tami, Trent, Nick, Erica, and your families. You fed us and gave us warm, dry places to stay. Dale, thank you for showing us around Davenport and being such a great supporter for Brett. Thanks to Karen and Andrea for loaning me gear. I liked it so much I may need to get my own! Tom, your suspenders loved the ride. Thanks!

Brett, I have a new appreciation for all the work and time you put into each aspect of this trip. You plan your routes and your visits so carefully. Pictures and videos are taken artistically and representationally. The thought and time you put into writing your posts is impressive! It is reassuring to me to see how careful you are on the road and in taking care of Annie.

There is no way to adequately thank you, Brett, for asking me to travel part of this journey with you! It was such a fun adventure to have together! Thanks for caring for me so well. You are an amazing man and a loving son! I am so proud of you and love you so much! Thank you!

Brett asked for my thoughts and reflections on riding with him on Annie. Here goes.


Life lessons to be learned riding with Everywhere Man:

-Keep your belly buttons aligned. Lean into the curves together.

-If you see a bump or pothole ahead get up off your bottom.

-Sunshine is appreciated more after the rain.

-Leave some itches alone. They are not worth scratching especially through a motorcycle helmet.

-Watch your rear mirror for big trucks that sneak up from behind. Give them a wide berth and follow at a distance.

-Pack light. You don’t need much to enjoy life.

-Helmet hair and what you wear really don’t matter. Good people won’t judge you by that.

-Hold on tight to those you love.

-Breath in the fresh air no matter what the smell.

-Make new friends and visit new places.

-The world and people are beautiful and interesting. Enjoy both and never lose your sense of wonder.

-If you play with your kids when they are little maybe they will ask you to play with them when they are grown.


The original BA


Realtime update: Thanks Mom! Great to hear some of your thoughts. I’m so glad it worked out for you to join me. I am still with my friends in Joplin, MO. We crossed off Tulsa yesterday and will do Springfield, MO tomorrow. After that, I will make a loop from Wichita, KS to Dodge City, KS to Hennessey, OK to Texarkana, AR. Isn’t it amazing how I’ve already managed to get behind here? I hope you are all impressed. 

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7 thoughts on “Musings from Mom”

  1. Thank-you so much, Mom, for sharing. You’re the star of the show, Brett was simply the opening act! Seriously though, Brett is the amazing guy that he is because of you and Randal. Thank-you for giving us a friend, entertainer and inspiration.


  2. Betty, I love every one of your life lessons! Life on a bike is a good teacher and playing with our grown-up kids is the best. How perfect that you joined Brett for some days on the road, potholes and rain and warm welcomes and all.


  3. Who knew there would be so many applicable life lessons from hopping on the back of a motorcycle?! So many good ones!! -B&E


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