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Something a little different today….


(picture of ADV Joe brazenly stolen from his website) 🙂

Hello, everyone! We are going to take a quick break from the narrative today to do some quick acknowledgements. I apologize, there will be no depressing ramblings in this post. I know that’s why most of you come here. 🙂

There have been a couple writings that featured me recently, which I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention. I feel so humbled when this happens. That someone would use their time to tell my story is an honor, especially when that someone is a really good writer.

Two someone’s will be featured in this post. First will be my Canadian motorcycle blogger friend, ADV Joe. Second will be the author of Hank Snow’s biography, Vernon Oickle. I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to email them and tell them that you liked what they wrote and maybe say what your connection is to my story. Being a novice writer myself, I know how much feedback means.

I met ADV Joe in this post on Ontario.    Here is his post about our meeting. In it, you will see that I might not hold the world record for world’s largest motorcycle trunk! I really like the way he writes and presents. I still haven’t been able to read as much of his blog as I would like. Even reading his “About” page tells a lot about his attitude and perseverance.

Here is his email: JOE@ADVJOE.CA  Please drop him a line!

Next will be Vernon Oickle. I met him in this post during my time in Nova Scotia. He has published numerous books and also writes for the local newspaper. Our interview was a lot of fun. His questions really challenged me to think hard. Here is his article about my trip. Very professional and well written. It almost makes it sound like I know what I am doing. 🙂

Here is his email:  Please let him know that you liked the article. He obviously spent a lot of time on it and it came out wonderfully.

A final shout out goes to all of the readers of this blog. Most of you know that I recently had some tough days on this trip. Your encouragement and support helped spur me on and lift me from the doldrums. I really appreciate all of the kind words.

The blog has been doing quite well recently. I lost a lot of readers during the two week stretch I spent at home, but ever since then, readership has grown steadily. The graph below is weekly views:

In addition, the post “Fame…” in which I sing “I’ve Been Everywhere” was my most successful post in terms of views in the 24 hours following its publishing. And to think, I almost decided not to post the video. I was a bit self conscious about the performance, so all of the kind comments were appreciated.

The purpose of this trip is not to have a successful blog, but it is does lift my spirits to see so many connecting with my silly story.
I want this blog to be a vehicle of encouragement, so please consider taking a brief moment to encourage my fellow writers, ADV Joe and Vernon Oickle. It would mean a lot to me and hopefully to them as well.
I have another post pretty much ready to go. I’m not sure if that will be published today or tomorrow. There are lots more adventures to tell: big ships, questionable dance moves, gun shots (don’t worry I’m OK). The road continues to surprise.

I’m almost into Boston, then I will be heading south to the NYC area. Be prepared for multiple paragraphs complaining about the cost of parking. 🙂
Stay encouraging, everybody!


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3 thoughts on “Shout Outs”

  1. Good choice, Brett, to highlight these two writers. I agree that they did a great job. Joe’s writing is similar to yours. You both entice the reader to continue on with interesting content, humor, and honesty. I wrote to him and will write to Vernon today. You can tell that Vernon is a professional writer by the questions he asked you and the way he weaves your story together. What amazing people you have met! Hope these two will encourage you to keep up your writing! You have a gift for interesting story telling laced with quips that make us laugh and content that makes us want to see the sights you are seeing! At least we are getting to experience your travels vicariously! Safe travels, Brett! Lots of love and prayers sent your way! Mom


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