The Best Time to Start a Business…

…is surely when you are traipsing about the Western Hemisphere on a motorcycle. In this episode, a venture is my adventure: One House Apparel Company.


I’m not exactly sure when it started. Probably a little over a year ago now. My good friend, Kyle Winchell, came to me with this idea: A Nebraska themed apparel company. Astute readers of this quality publication will recognize Kyle as one of the members of the “Minnesota” picture (place 10 of 92).

(the other single guy)

He crossed Minnesota off of my sign.

He had noticed that most states, even some cities, have companies that focus entirely on creating designs that represent their locale. Though a few screen printing companies dabble in Nebraska themed designs, there is (hopefully) still quite a bit of room in this market.

“The Finger Wave.” Anybody from a rural area should know all about this roadway salute. This is probably our most “state neutral” design, in case you’re not a Nebraskan. 🙂

Currently, it seems that “Nebraska apparel” is nearly synonymous with “Husker apparel.” As much as we love the teams that represent our state, there are many other things to celebrate about the land of the Good Life. Adidas designs are OK, I guess, but do they really know who we are?

“Riverland” Nebraska has more miles of rivers than any other state. We took the time to trace them all!

Once Kyle had this idea, I assume that he decided that he wanted to partner with the most stylish person he knows. Yours truly, of course. 🙂 Another factor may have been that I have some decent skills with image creation software.

“The NEB Crest” This should probably replace our actual state seal, right?


Our main logo features an “N” created from the two towers of Nebraska: Chimney Rock in the west and the State Capitol in the east. Kyle and I spent many long hours digitally chiseling and shaping this design. It has been a real labor of love.

The name “One House” is a nod to our unicameral legislature. Nebraska is still the only state to have dispatched with the traditional upper house/lower house legislature. Possibly because we are all commoners here. 🙂

We’ve been able to launch this project with very little overhead, using a third party for the printing and shipping. Neither of us know what to expect from this, but it has been a lot of fun to work on. Plus…at least I got some good looking comfortable shirts out of the deal!

The only model that we could afford was a real headache to work with. Plus, he smelled like a mixture of baked beans and WD-40.

Some people have asked how they can support me on this trip. You will never see an advertisement on this blog, nor will I ever solicit money or sponsorship in order to complete my journey. But if you would like to support me in a sneaky way, feel free to place an order. It will probably be my only income over the course of a full year. 🙂


I’d also just like to state a public “thank you” to Kyle, my partner in all of this. He has shouldered the vast majority of the load over the months while I have been gone and single-handedly designed the website. Kudos to you, partner. It’s been a joy to team up with you on this project.

Please check out our website:

and connect with us on social media (no, I don’t know what that means):





Stay well-clad, everybody!







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10 thoughts on “The Best Time to Start a Business…”

  1. Looks good! I will admit, when I first saw the steering wheel design I thought it was a nod to the Archway over I80. Now that you explained, it makes perfect sense. Safe travels and best of luck with the clothing.


    1. Boooo! Not even Nebraskans like the archway! 🙂 The finger wave design was pretty tough actually. We went back and forth on whether to include a windshield, an arm, the outline of a person, etc. We eventually decided to leave it a bit ambiguous. If you get it, you get it. 🙂


      1. I like the finger wave, it’s great! I just misinterpreted it at first glance. I’m a waver, I get it 🙂


    1. Yeah, we’re really unsure of what the future holds. For now, it’s nice to have another company do all of the shipping. If it starts to grow, who knows.


  2. I agree with Elise! Love the colors and designs! Great artistry! Proud of both you and Kyle and wish you the best! Grandma is here and she agrees. She’s thinking of ways to promote this already! Mom

    Liked by 1 person

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