We go down, but not for the count. Annie and I are both a little banged up, but I hope the journey will continue.


This will be just a brief realtime update.

It happened a few miles north of the town of Ocosingo on Rte. 199. I still don’t know how it happened. There was an ample amount of spilled diesel fuel in the right tire track, but I don’t think I turned that wide. It was a fairly sharp left bend, but I was carrying very little speed. I felt a quick wobble from my front end, then I was down before I knew what hit me. Annie landed on my left leg, then we rotated until I was sliding on my back head first into the ditch.

Annie will just need a little attention, but there’s no major damage. I lost some skin and my lower left leg took a really hard hit. I don’t suspect any structural damage, but it is swelling up and each step is really painful. I was able to ride about 3 more hours to my next destination (Palenque), but I’m not sure what I’ll do next.

Right now I’m just thankful it wasn’t worse. I’m also slightly relieved, after 16 years of riding, to have my first real crash out of the way. The mystery of it all is what is really bothering me right now. If you’re a praying person, I’d appreciate your prayers. If not, I’ll gladly accept good thoughts and good vibes. I don’t know if this is a major turning point of the story, or just another chapter.

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10 thoughts on “Crash”

  1. Our prayers for a safe journey have been with you since we met.
    please…Stay safe and listen to what your body is telling you.


  2. Prayers headed up right now, if there’s anything else you need just ask. (except coming to get you, I would in a heartbeat, but I don’t have a passport)


  3. OH NO !! I am so sorry ! Praying you aren’t hurt seriously and will be able to continue your ride.
    Carole Anderson Rickers


  4. Oh my! I am so glad to hear you are both mostly ok! What a scary experience. I will definitely put you in prayers and send all kinds of good thoughts and mojo your way.


  5. Oh, the pictures make us even more thankful you are not more seriously injured than when we talked last night. Many prayers for you all the time from us and now for special healing! Love from Mom and Dad


  6. Thankful that the accident wasn’t worse. It would probably be good for you and Annie to take some time before you take off. Take care and know we are saying Prayers for you. Susie & Ron


  7. So thankful that this wasn’t any worse. Praise God. Continuing prayers for you (and Annie).

    I keep my eyes always on the Lord.
    With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
    Psalm 16:8


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